2024 Events with Wendy

Exciting Events in 2024!

Join me for transformative gatherings:

  1. Mourning and Celebration Online Circle. Wednesday 17th January
  2. Mourning and Celebration In-Person Circle, Emerald Beach, NSW. Monday 29th January
  3. A Taste of Ongo: Everyday Nonviolence—Starts 5th February
  4. Life’s Two Truths: Holding Celebration and Mourning in our Hearts Saturday 24th February
  5. Celebrating this Precious Life: Honest Conversations about Death and Dying Starting March-Sept
    1. Click here to book for the Monday evening sessions  6.30pm-9:00pm (Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart timezone)
    2. Click here to book for Friday morning sessions. 9am-11.30am (Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart timezone)

Let’s come together to share meaningful connections, engage in deep conversations, and collectively explore the path towards compassion and understanding and belonging. And we’ll have some joy along the way.

Click on the links to find out more information and to register.  Your presence will make these events even more special.

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