21st Birthday Celebration

21st Birthday Celebration

Celebrant, Kathrine Fraser, joined the Writing Oasis run by The Celebrant School – Te Wānanga Korowai Aroha in New Zealand.

As the guest facilitator, I created activities and prompts to help develop ceremony openings. Kathrine shared what she wrote for her son, Martin for his 21st birthday celebration that was inspired by the writing prompts. Thank you Kathrine.

Welcome everyone!

For an odd number, 21 has a curious sort of symmetry – it’s the 3rd cycle of 7 years in human development, the dawning of adulthood, and traditionally, 21 has been symbolized by a young person receiving the “key to the door”.

Martin needs neither that key, nor the door, because he passed through it several years ago to happily paddle his own waka and seemingly without a backward glance. In that time, he has experienced what could euphemistically be called the “university of life”, explored jobs and lifestyles, and even welcomed a new life with the birth of his precious daughter, Amia. It’s extra special today to welcome him, and his partner Jaed, back to our family home, to celebrate with you all, the village that has watched him grow from a wee baby himself. This is our chance to say thank you for your guidance and support, for saving our sanity when needed, and for the many fun and fabulous times you’ve shared with our family over the years.

But mostly, it’s our chance to give voice to our love for you, Martin, to honour your roots, the foundations laid, and the path you’ve travelled thus far, all of which have shaped and guided you to be the awesome young man you are today. We hope this celebration encourages you to move into your next 7-years confident in who you are and knowing there is this special village that watches out for you, whether from nearby or afar, and that wishes the very best for you and your family.

Kathrine Fraser


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Tracie Kyne
1 year ago

That’s really beautiful….. congratulations xx