Circling in for the Bride

Jane rang me five weeks out from her wedding with concerns that her marriage celebrant wasn’t returning her calls. They had paid a booking fee yet hadn’t met with the celebrant to lodge the notice of intent to marry form. Jane was concerned that they would miss the deadline and not be able to get legally married.

I agreed to complete the notice on the understanding that if the other celebrant called her back I would be happy to transfer the notice. This way their form would be lodged within the required period.

The celebrant did call back however, Jane and Sam decided they wanted to book my services. We started discussing their wedding ceremony which was going to be based upon the many adventures they had shared as well as the epic challenges they had overcome together.

Jane had a secret. Not even Sam knew. Neither did the bridesmaid nor her sister.  Jane’s dad was treating her to an arrival at the ceremony by helicopter.

On the wedding day, the guests gathered at 2.45pm. I had set up the Public Address system, re-arranged the chairs with the photographer so that Jane and Sam would be in the shade for the ceremony, organised the music coordinator, met with the parents. Dad winked at me and looked at his watch.

We waited for the sound of the chopper. I had called the helicopter company and spoke to them about the arrival time and how long we would need to get the bride from the helicopter pad to the ceremony area and for them to leave the area. Right on time, I heard the thumping sound of a chopper getting closer until it was circling overhead. Guests were asking, ‘Why they are coming so close’ and making jokes about the paparazzi. No one had figured it was the bride!

I made an announcement over the PA system asking guests to wave at the helicopter, which they graciously did. After a second circle around I invited them to say hello to our bride!

People whooped and called out with delight. And, as if on cue, Amanda’s hand popped out the window and waved to us. They circled one more time and then landed nearby. Amanda looked radiant as she walked down to the ceremony area with her dad who was beaming.

Fortunately, I had some leeway for staying the extra half hour…as it did take longer than we had anticipated. It was definitely a fun way to arrive at a ceremony!