Grief for an Unexpected Death

If you would like co-create a personal reading for a ceremony of any kind please contact me. I offer my services freely and together we can find the words to express what is calling from the heart. Ranjitha and I worked on this reading together after a young family member died.


None of us imagined he would go soon.

It feels surreal, a deep sense of shock and sadness.

We had no time to say goodbye,

to do the things we thought we had more time to do.


A shock that is beyond belief.

Beyond understanding or reason

We wake in the morning from our sleep

… and then we remember and the grief floods in.


Seeing his jumper, his last text message, hearing his favourite song.

Something is missing, and the tears flow.

We are impacted by his death in ways we could not have imagined.

To know that we won’t have that time with him again.


The grief comes in waves, big storms and small ripples

and yes, the love shines through the tears,

the celebration of precious memories of a beautiful life.

And, the mourning of dreams of what was yet to come.


Ranjitha Jeurkar and Wendy Haynes



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Bonnie Capell
Bonnie Capell
2 years ago

beautiful words