Writing Oasis and Mindfulness Programs for March 2022

Writing Oasis

  • I have been frustrated over the years by writing workshops that haven’t met my expectations. This, tonight, exceeded them by light years.
  • Amazing tutor, beautiful content and inspirational fellow students.
  • Feeling like I just won Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket right now!
  • Loved the learning & encouragement from this session with Wendy & other celebrants.
  • An oasis indeed, reflection, writing and sharing, a powerful combination!

This is the wonderful feedback from celebrants who joined in the Writing Oasis with me last month.

The Celebrant School, Te Wänanga Korowai Aroha in New Zealand are hosting the second of three workshops that I will be facilitating—Writing Oasis—the next one is this coming Wednesday 6th April at 5.15pm AEST and 7.15pm NZST. You can enrol for one or three!

We welcome you, whether a new or experienced celebrant, to join us and explore the organic unfolding of your creative writing for ceremony – an experience that will be both rich and refreshing.

Enrolments here https://www.celebrant.school.nz/product/tcs-writing-oasis-2022

“One dictionary defines an oasis as “a pleasant or peaceful area or period in the midst of a difficult or hectic place or situation”. This series of three Zoom sessions will create such an Oasis. The aim is to inspire you to expand your creativity and ability to respond to the stories that are shared with you during ceremony development. Our facilitator is acclaimed Australian celebrant and coach, Wendy Haynes, whose books and presentations have been popular with celebrants internationally.”

Writing Oasis 2022 sessions will occur via Zoom on Wednesday evenings

6 April 7.15 – 8.45pm (NZST) (5.15pm AEST)

4 May 7.15 – 8.45pm (NZST) (5.15pm AEST)

Recommended Programs from friends—supporting mindfulness and wellbeing

The Embodiment Journey – a 5 month immersive online practice experience with Chani Grieve, April – September 2022

What is a human body? What is it capable of? How can I learn to use this extraordinary instrument wisely, lovingly, and creatively?

This 3-segment practice series is designed to demystify the principles of unfoldment through the body in a way that can be readily understood and applied. Each segment stands alone, but they build upon each other developmentally over the 6 months. Each will offer you practices and skill sets to train your attention and strengthen your capacities of presence, relatedness and responsiveness. They will build your confidence and trust in your own direct experience, and will support you to discover and develop your unique and genuine expression. Join with a group of practitioners in a kind of embodiment “school”, a dynamic and interactive space where we can really dig into practice together as a community, and learn from our own and each others’ direct experience. Through meditation, movement, experiential anatomy, and creative enquiry, we will be learning and training in key practices, skills and competencies that can lead to a life of satisfaction, joyful contribution, and genuine liberation.

All the details and how to register can be found at https://movementfromtheheart.com/the-embodiment-journey

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction online program – 8 weeks

With Lisa Brown and Jude Baderle commencing 28th April, 2022 and 20th October, 2022 6pm to 8:30pm for 8 weeks. Includes workbook and mindfulness recordings.  Click here for more information and to register.