Upon Waking

Being Wendy

Mindfulness—awareness of the present moment, without judgement. A foundational way of meeting ourselves in all our fullness, colours, stories, feelings, sensations.
Our body. Our breath.
That quiet moment between sleeping and waking, before the thoughts cloud the empty space of being. Before the list of things to do takes hold, staying soft and seeing what the day is asking of me.
Hello body.
Hello breath.
Hello morning.
Hello light.
Hello being.
Being Wendy

A Morning Ritual

Upon waking, rest your attention on your body and breathing. Feel the movement of your body as you breathe.

Notice how your body feels – is it refreshed, achy, ready to bounce out of bed: be a witness to what is present. Not trying to change anything that is alive in you whether you like it or not.

Do you feel relaxed and rested or is there a strong urge to get up?  Notice this moment as it is. Nothing right nor wrong with how you are… awareness of life just as it is.

Being aware of the sounds around you: be aware, yet don’t become involved. Hold your focus on your body and your breathing extending your awareness out to sounds.  Just five minutes, don’t start the brain thinking just yet, park those thoughts of the day, things to do.

Get in the practice of taking this time for yourself: a quiet retreat before the new day, catch the perfume of stillness, the presence of awareness.

Welcome in your day, maybe offer up a prayer, reflect upon a quote or verse that lifts your spirits; and then stretch, stretch like a cat. Let this be your morning celebration.

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