Celebrating This Precious Life

Celebrating This Precious Life – Honest Conversations about Death and Dying

You are welcome to join me for the next six-month online program, “Celebrating This Precious Life: Honest Conversations about Death and Dying”. There are seven sessions once a month on the first Monday of the month. Starting April 2023 to October 2023.

This is an opportunity to explore the topic of ‘death and dying’ in a supportive and ongoing group environment. There will be meditations, creative writing practices, engaging practices and conversations. There will also be extra resources and contemplations for in-between sessions if you would like to delve deeper. This is not a death doula or funeral celebrant training. This is about our dying, our living, our celebrating this one precious life.

Starting in April 2023, there will be two groups running at different times, to cater to different time zones around the world. For more information and to register, please click on the links below.

Mondays 6:30-9.00 PM AEST (suitable for  Australia, NZ, & USA) Hosted by Wendy

Fridays 9am-11.30 AM AEST (suitable for Australia, Asia, & Europe)  Hosted by Wendy and Chani Grieve.  Register: events.humanitix.com/celebrating-this-precious-life-2023-friday-9am-aest

The program consists of seven online gatherings 2.5 hours long. There will be large and small group discussions, writing, meditation, reflective practices and also a short break included. See more details below.

COSTS: Our program is offered on a sliding scale to ensure equity of access. People ask me for guidelines. A suggested sliding scale for the 7 sessions is from $70- $350 however we don’t want cost to be a barrier to attending so please offer whatever you can to enable this work to flourish.

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1 year ago

Hello Wendy, Thank you for all the energy, thought and planning that goes into bringing a program such as this together. I am very much looking forward to joining you and others for the 7 planned Monday night gatherings.

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