Celebrants and AI

Artificial Intelligence. It’s easy.

Writing ceremonies, writing poetry… why not use AI, Artificial Intelligence? It’s easy, it’s quick.

At The National Celebrants Network Conference on Saturday in Melbourne, I listened to a delightful celebrant and speaker, Scott Broadbridge-Brown. Scott’s a lover of technology and spoke with clarity and ease about the use of technology and AI for ceremony writing.

Scott reminded us of society’s initial resistance to computers, mobile phones and all things tech—and it’s easy to see the tide has turned with nearly everyone having a mini computer in their hands!  I cannot imagine running a business without my phone, computer and the internet.

Scott demonstrated the benefits of using AI and I was more understanding than I expected as to why people are raving about it….and why many are concerned about its use.

For me, I have no doubt that I will continue to ponder how to write a particular story or a special phrase and celebrate when it is forthcoming. I will wake in the night and add a new sentence that found me in my sleep. There is something in the writing of ceremonies that connects me not only to the individual, couple or family that I am writing about, but also to myself and our shared humanity. Writing ceremonies builds and stretches my creative dynamic which gives great meaning to my life.

Laura Hartenberger writes, “Perhaps the ineffable spark of good writing and the spark of a romantic connection are related — both involve a certain energy exchange, a sense of connection across individual minds, a balance of surprise and familiarity.”

Laura writes more in her article, What AI Teaches Us About Good Writing.

What AI Teaches Us About Good Writing

“As readers, we need to feel like the writer is paying attention to us, trying to connect. ChatGPT cannot build a real connection with its reader — it can only imitate one.”  It is for each person to decide.

The Celebrant Network National Conference

Alongside a wonderful cast of celebrant speakers throughout the day, I offered a session on Crafting Memorable Ceremonies. I closed my session with the following celebrant blessing (that was not ChatGPT generated):

May we fulfil our desire for crafting unforgettable ceremonies

May we foster our love of language, a joy for writing stories

and an open ear for deep listening.

May we lean into the known, the tried and true ways.

And make space for the unknown, the mysteries.

May we always see things as if for the first time

Opening to what is right here before us.

May we continue to care, to connect

and create many more memorable ceremonies.

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Jill Southee
10 months ago

Thank you for the beautiful celebrant blessing Wendy. May I share it with other celebrans giving full credit to you, of course.

Stacey M
10 months ago

This is beautiful Wendy, thank you always. I get excited when your email lands in my inbox! xx

AI and Celebrants