A Blessing For a Wedding by Rev. Carl Thitchener

There are many joys and challenges to be welcomed in a marriage and this reading by Rev. Carl Thitchener captures the essence of what is needed. A blessing for a wedding can stir in the couple and the guests a sense of the sacredness of the journey and the mystery!

Celebration – Rev. Carl Thitchener 2003

We celebrate the love that brought you to this day.

With love that deepens through many years, may they know its meaning and its mystery –

how we become truly one in sharing ourselves with one another,

and yet, remain truly two in our own uniqueness.

May your house be a place of happiness for all who enter it,

a place where the old and the young

are renewed in each other’s company,

a place for growing, a place for music, a place for laughter.

And when shadows and darkness fall within its rooms,

may it still be a place of hope and strength for all who enter it,

especially for those who may be entrusted in your care.

May no person be alien to your compassion.

May your larger family be the family of all humankind.

And may those who are nearest to you and dearest to you

constantly be enriched by the beauty

and the energy of your love for each other.


Delivery of a Blessing for a Wedding

Once you’ve chosen a reading or a blessing for a wedding ceremony, consider who has a clear, steady speaking voice and the confidence to read it in public. The delivery of the verse can make a world of difference to your ceremony.

You may want your reader to make the selection of the blessing or reading, in which case you may want the celebrant to check their choice and this will also help with the placement of the reading or blessing into the ceremony.

If you would like to write your own blessing for a wedding you can get the support here to do so.

A blessing for a wedding