A Deeper Well

“Death comes in the middle of a long life.”

This old Irish proverb goes back to ancient understandings of initiation and the wisdom that comes from the awareness and acceptance of death as a teacher.

Our next gathering: Thursday 21st September 7.30pm

We had the inaugural online gathering of ‘A Deeper Well’ last night in the community of The Fifth Direction. We shared stories, poetry and insights around death and dying.

Death can call ourselves into presence in no more powerful way. Through the right kind of eyes, life itself is simply death practice.

Join myself and Asher Packman as we offer an opportunity to drink from this deeper well through poetry, storytelling, sharing and listening.

My story with death and dying… 28 years as a celebrant, hosting the death and dying program, Celebrating This Precious Life and … my own personal journey with ovarian cancer.

Asher has been holding intimate death workshops for over seven years. He has written and spoken extensively on the topic of death wisdom and has facilitated at gatherings across the country, including the Sydney Festival of Death and Dying. Listen to him discuss the wisdom of death with Raj Jana of Stay Grounded.

This event is free to premium members of The Fifth Direction. You can also gain access at no cost by signing up for a free trial.

The Fifth Direction is a welcome community for everyone. This includes people of all genders, faiths, backgrounds, orientations, ages and abilities.

A Deeper Well: Conversations on Death

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Death and Dying