Alone and Together

A Love Like No Other

Wrapped in her possum skin cloak, Gina’s softness towards life and the land is apparent in its rawness. Gina’s knowing and trust of the lands capacity to hold her and love her was embodied. She leans into the relationship between earth, body, heart and mind.

She writes,

“I fell in love with the land so hard it loved me back. I lay myself across it like a carpet until moss grew through my skin and the lake wept with my eyes and the mud merged with my hands.

The land and I made each other promises. I gave myself to it more deeply than any lover. I surrendered my humanity to allow the animal in me to understand its low rasping song. It dissolved me entirely then re-grew me as another dewdrop in its vast jewelled web, no more or less important than fish or fern or cloud. It stretched me beyond my human skin, sent me spinning into spaces of slow time and old wisdom.”

To read Gina Chick’s full article click here. 

What do you fall in love with?  What promises do you make?

I am falling in love with being kind to myself, being soft and tender. Patient and kind. To hold myself with respect, care and curiosity. Promises? To show up to this life, to the mourning and celebration. To be here with a full heart even when it feels a little empty… in taking a breath, my heart is filled once again. And again.

In truth, never empty.

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