Grief as Water

Amitaśūrī (pronounced “Ami-ta-shoori”), is an ordained Buddhist who has spent time as a Hospital/Healthcare Chaplain in England and Scotland.

The following readings are crafted from the many threads that Amitaśūrī shared about her work and life as we engaged in a conversation about illness, life, loss, grief and death. We talked about the ways in which individuals and families respond to the news about a terminal illness, the watery nature of grief and the heartache and challenge of saying farewell to someone you love…

Reflections from Amitaśūrī. Readings crafted by Wendy Haynes

Mother’s Love

Night night

It’s time to go

To pass over the threshold

From here to there

Into the unknown.


Grace descends

And I feel you close

So close, I can feel

You stroke my hair

Untangling the knots

of this lifetime



It doesn’t make sense

No part of it.

The shock, the loss, the yearning.

Not wanting to listen, nor touch or see

Don’t tell me this is true

Unplanned, unforeseen.

Not now, please not now.


How is it right now?

My body pulling at my sleeve

My prayers longing, calling

For someone to save me.

Death is not mine. Not yet.

I am here right now.

I am breathing. I am alive.


Grief as Water

Grief flowing,

through, around, beyond

Energy tumbling

Cascading waterfalls

Rushing currents

Slow Circling

Gently singing

Deep silence


Grief flowing,

Rain falling

Ocean coastlines

Long beaches

Shallow streams

Wide lochs

Mountain pools

Deep rivers


Jump in, dive deep

With a drawn urgency

And surrender

the only way forward.

My mind screams, no.

I hear you.

Intense discomfort

In every cell.


Relaxing into the chill darkness

Alive, alert, in love

with the beauty and magnificence,

with life

I hear you

Calling me home.

Free and flowing

All the way home


Mourning and Celebration

The fine, intricate thread of life,

Mourning and celebration,

Life and death,

Holding us close together

in the fabric of time

ready to untangle at the slightest pull,

unravelling, beyond our dreams

into the night.

If sharing these readings please quote the authors as being Amitaśūrī (pronounced “Ami-ta-shoori”) and Wendy Haynes. Thank you.

If you would like co-create a personal reading for a ceremony of any kind please contact me. I offer my services freely and together we can find the words to express what is calling from the heart.


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James Yule
James Yule
2 years ago

Hi Wendy,
thank you ever so much that’s a lovely message,
Amitasuri’s Dad