An Extra Day for Playing

Create a plan for the lead up to your celebration day. Mark the day before your ceremony out of the diary. On that day, there will be no running about, picking up things, calling suppliers. Plan for an extra day for playing.  Leave the day before your celebration as free as possible for having fun with your friends and family. Or for having a massage, going for a walk along the beach, a game of golf, a surf with your friends, a quiet, lunch with your immediate family, for resting up, laughing and having fun.

Quite often, the day before the ceremony is also when you might have the rehearsal. Let this be part of the fun. The rehearsal can be a great part of the overall celebration – breathing into the excitement, the nerves, the fun and the joy of what you are gathering for.

One of the key things to support this ‘day of play’ flowing more smoothly is to plan ahead and delegate as much as possible.