Celebrating Margaret Picton

The Celebration of the Life of Margaret Eileen Picton (nee Finn)

In this ceremony for Margaret, there will be space to give voice to your grief and mourning, and also your gratitude and celebration of a beloved woman who lived nine and a half decades. There are many memories you have of Margaret and yet, because of her ripe age of 95, many of the stories being so far past, will remain silent, many of them  forgotten. It is, for you, as a family, the end of an era. Margaret is the last of the seniors in her generation. This transition brings with it a different kind of loss as this period of elders ends.  

Margaret was a woman of good character: generous and kind, supportive and stoic. She loved her family, was community minded and always gave of her time and humour—and so very often seeing the funny side of life.

The family chose a small private gathering and many of Margaret’s small great grandchildren ran around which they agreed she would have loved to see. All her adult children gave tributes and because Margaret had loved to dance, they closed the ceremony with a boot-scooting song:

5, 6, 7, 8 (Boot Scooting Baby)—Steps

Thursday 25th January 2024, Hogbin Drive Chapel, Coffs Harbour

Click here to watch the recording.


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