What’s Most Important to Us as We Live This Precious Life?

Join us to reflect, research, discover and listen deeply to find out what’s alive in us; and learn from those who’ve gone before, many teachers on this path and the wonderful people who are part of these groups.

Six Month Program: Honest Conversations About Death and Dying

Through honest, generous and inspired conversations and practices, with no set beliefs or agendas, we will talk about death, dying and what’s important to each of us. We will meditate, write, talk, listen, be quiet. We will play, be serious, research, discover and listen deeply to find out what’s alive in us. This is not a death doula training although some people are inspired to undertake further training in this field.  This course is for everyone, young and old, in prime health or facing terminal illness –  everyone is welcome.

As you will see from the testimonials below, I have also had funeral directors, death doula’s and celebrants join the program who found it very insightful and inspiring… life changing.

During our time together there will be practices including: mindfulness/presence meditation, empathy practices and working with universal needs, creative writing, reflection, sharing in dyads and in the larger group. There will be home practices that can deepen the process and inspire profound conversations with those you love.

This program is open to all who are interested. Over six months (seven sessions) you will make some great friends from all walks of life and from all over the world.

2023 Testimonials

‘This is a gentle exploration of death and dying, the one certainty we all face in life. This programme really feeds into the maxim ”learning to die well in order to live well.” I believe everyone can benefit from this course and also Wendy’s gentle presence and guidance.’ Gordana Stankovic, Spain.

“I would definitely recommend doing CTPL as we don’t reflect on death enough and what it can mean and in what different forms and shapes it comes. It’s comforting to talk about our own death and our own wishes although not always easy. I appreciate that the monthly sessions were not dependent on having done the home practices which was fantastic. I’m aware that I would have benefited so much more if I had the time to do the reflections and the exercises.” Taja Steinbeck, Australia

The CTPL program was very moving and insightful, and beautfilly guided. It enabled me to touch on this scary topic of death; to not be alone in this journey. Hearing the experience of others who were in the process of grieving was powerful. I think it has touched something inside of me, so that I will be more prepared when grief comes. Nicole Morton, Australia

Previous Years

“I am grateful for your tender yet expert manoeuvring of souls (us) through this nebulous territory. There is so much about dying and death that is still unmapped, however, you are providing us with such a lot of experiences with which to make sense of ourselves, and ultimately that is all the preparation that is truly needed for our inevitable meeting with The Mysteries. THANK YOU, for your time, your love, your patience, and for your skilful awareness that is leading us through.”  Mimi Zenzmaier, Holistic Funeral Director/Death Doula/Celebrant, NSW, Australia

“There are not enough words to express how special this programme truly is. It is both gentle and powerful. Wendy is a remarkable person, with a soul that seeks to connect – and who succeeds in creating a safe space for others to delve inside themselves, to explore and enrich what living and dying means to them – and to learn what more they can do to connect with the earth – in life and death. I have benefitted greatly, and appreciate it all.” Moira Hill, End of Life Conversations, End of Life Coach & Educator, England. 

“I have loved the variety in the programme. The highlight has, however, been focusing my Life Review around the concepts of forgiveness and gratitude … so powerful on so many levels, both personally and professionally!” Helen Rutledge, Celebrant, New Zealand

“Wendy Haynes is incredible. The challenge of considering ones imminent death is confronting however Wendy encourages openness, compassion, empathy and understanding of an individuals thoughts and beliefs. This program has allowed me to consider death openly, for myself, for my family and for others. Wendy’s guidance has allowed me to embrace my passion of assisting others preparing for death. I confidently have the foundations to proceed with End of Life Doula training, thank you Wendy.” Heather Hinton, Celebrant, NSW, Australia.

“The program and Wendys presence and guidance have benefited my life, relationships and decisions profoundly! I am 22 years old  and I have learned so much about myself and my desires, perceptions and deepened the connection with myself and others. Because I started talking about death, suffering and disconnection with my family, friends and colleagues they got really curious and also inspired. I love the gatherings and practices that brought me back to myself and supported me to speak and listen from my heart – being authentic and present. Talking about death during the sessions, I have started feeling more and more alive and intensified my relationships.” Elisa, Student, Germany

“This program has captured my heart and awareness in so many ways! Before this course I had not given much thought to the death and dying process. The last 30 years of my life have been focused on life and living. This year I turned 70 and realized that at this stage of my life It might be time to address the subject of death and dying. During our months together, and in our conversations and contemplation on life and death, my first realization was that I am the ancestry for my family and I am the legacy! What is the legacy I will leave? 

In turning towards the beautiful and deep inquiry into these questions of life, death, preparation of death and legacy, I became very aware of all that was needed to leave this beautiful life in peace and feeling complete. You have provided and embraced me with incredible tools and skills needed for this next chapter of my life with deep acceptance, compassion, and understanding. The connection with the amazing soulful participants from all over the world has me so deeply and will be in my heart forever. One of my dear friends, who was with us during this course, sent me this quote and I feel it sums up our time together. “When we are helped to face the reality of our mortality, we can gently begin to assess our own end of life needs”. Sanctuary & Funeral Home in Australia. In Love, Appreciation and Gratitude.”  BJ Garcia, Texas, USA

“I appreciated joining a group of interesting, thoughtful people, willing to explore those conversations that can be difficult to have in my own family, especially while there is active illness being dealt with. Wendy’s guidance keeps the conversations open and safe and gently probes each participant to a new level of understanding. Masterful facilitation and the ripples continue in my daily life. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.” Kathrine Fraser, Celebrant, New Zealand.

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I pay respect to the original inspiration for this project, Stephen and Ondrea Levine’s book, A Year to Live (excellent read and preparation for this program), my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teachers, the many families I’ve worked with who were dying or bereaved and my dearest friends and colleagues. Also a special thank you to my Ongo: Everyday Nonviolence teachers, Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens Chu as we will be utilising some of the NVC and mindfulness practices that I’ve come to love and live by.


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