Ceremony Writers’ Collective Online Program – Writing and Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration to write ceremonies or a reading; or you just want to write for yourself about love, life and loss, you will be made most welcome. Everyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a celebrant to join.

When writing ceremonies, there are occasions that can take our breath and inspiration away. We can find our minds blank or lost for ideas.

How do we, as writers, access the ‘right’ words, that will meet the needs of those present and write a meaningful ceremony or reading.  How do we expand our current repertoire for the challenging and joyful celebrations so we can become more creative and continue to develop our skills in ceremony writing?

There will be stories, writing practices and engaged conversation. I am celebrating that I am still finding new inspiration as a celebrant, 26 years on, and hope you will come and join me to create some magic together.

Online – Thursday 4th November 2021   6pm-7.30pm AEDT

Please bring a pen and paper – there will be some old school writing!

“I was so excited to get a last minute place in this session, Writing and Inspiration, and Wendy didn’t disappoint! Great session with lots of great ideas and a wonderful bunch of celebrants to share it with.”  Melissa Jones, Celebrant, NSW, Australia

“Thanks to Wendy for facilitating this session! Wendy is amazing as a Zoom presenter; I felt as though I was in the room with her. The session harnessed everyone’s positive energy and creativity and was a welcome boost during these difficult times.”  Melanie Lawson, Celebrant, NSW, Australia

“Thank you, thank you, thank you to The Celebrant Network, Wendy Haynes and the participants of the Zoom Writing session last night.  It was 1.5hrs of bliss. The take-away for me was a feeling of connection. Connection to the participants – we all shared so honestly and generously. It was so lovely & fun. I love celebrants!   Connection to myself – I discovered lots of ways I can employ to help me with my writing & to help me get into ‘the flow’.  Connection to love, life, energy and….breath!  Wendy invited us to join her Facebook group, the Ceremony Writers’ Collective. Please do, as the tips, tools and inspiration is sure to help us all with our work.  Thank you TCN Committee for organising.”   Angela Finn, Celebrant, NSW, Australia

Like all the other participants, I enjoyed the session immensely!! It actually challenged me very deeply. I am a new celebrant. My first wedding will be later this month and I haven’t thought too much about writing – bizarre as that may sound. Typically, like many new celebrants I suppose, we are given a model script as part of our training and that becomes our training wheels. I mostly use mine, adapt it a bit to suit different situations, and have even developed a pro forma to guide my script writing.  Last night, however, was the first time, I’d left my scaffold behind and began to think freely, individually and deeply about what love and marriage and friendship actually is.  Maree Stenglin, Celebrant, Australia

To find out more and to register for this Ceremony Writers’ Collective Online Session – Module 1 visit here.

I look forward to writing creatively with you.