Being and Doing…

One of the gifts that came to me during my time of healing last year is a joyful connection to poetry.

I am re-writing the program, Celebrating This Precious Life: Honest Conversations about Death and Dying, creating poetry to introduce the themes for conversations. This, I find, requires a lot of time on the computer—I was going to write being on the computer however, it is more like doing as I find myself getting lost down a bunny hole of thoughts and things to do and not moving my body for long periods of time. Just doing.

Using the Insight Timer app I started incorporating a bell every 15 minutes to ’stop, listen and breathe’.  No matter, the flow or writing, I stop. Stretch, relax my body and listen to the bell. I breathe. And then, with renewed inspiration and a very happy body, I continue. Just being… and doing.

You might want to incorporate some way of moving your body while you are working especially if you find yourself in a static position for long periods of time. A quick dance, a run around the block. Just lift the shoulders, take a in breathe and exhale for twice as long, feel your feet on the ground. Notice the points of contact of your body with the chair, wiggle about and smile. So many options.

Wiggle away!




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