Gentle Waves, Slow Time

I’m resting on Gunggandji Country—a small island just off Cairns. A week to rejuvenate with my beloved.

This weeks practices have focused on body and breath awareness. A previous spinal neck injury has flared up causing considerable pain—it’s at times like these that I bow down to the skills that I have developed in self care and connection. While I couldn’t go diving due to limited movement in my left arm I had some magnificent snorkelling with ancient turtles, beautiful coral and an abundance of fish. It’s slow time under water, breathing gently, floating lightly.

My pain management has been an opportunity to keep deepening the connection and focus on how the breath moves the lungs, the chest, the spine, the neck and opening to relax into the natural functioning of the body, noticing the resistance and playing with this in a kind and gentle way. While being here my body has softened, my neck has freed up and my writing has been flowing steadily in the background. I have relished reading Mary Oliver’s book, Rules for the Dance, A Handbook for Writing and Reading Metrical Verse. A fabulous and fun read… if you enjoy learning about poetry.

On a different note, Roman Krznaric’s book, The Good Ancestor, has provided sober and informative insights into how to think long term in a short term world—Deep-Time Humility, Legacy Mindset, Intergenerational Justice, Cathedral Thinking, Holisitic Forecasting, Transcendent Goal. I’m half way through the book and it inspired me to write a poem and enter it into the Montreal International Poetry Competition. I look forward to sharing the poem with you in a few months.

From the quiet laps of the ocean against the coral beach, the warmth of tropical sun and a call to go marvel at the reef, I send you much love and many blessings.

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1 year ago

Take care Wendy in what sounds like another paradise in our beautiful country. I hope your body continues to heal and calm.

I’m glad your poetry writing is continuing and gathering strength by entering your pieces into competitions.

I look forward to seeing you again very soon.