Goodbye Bec

Three weeks before Christmas, Rebecca ‘Bec’ Ferencz died at home unexpectedly. When talking with her family, the main impetus and reason for being,  in Bec’s life, was her family and also her work. Bec was passionate and highly motivated; she was a big feeling person and opinionated and caring. She was kind, and generous and a beautiful woman, inside and out.

Words of Remembrance

Bec will be remembered for her devotion to her family. She adored and loved her husband, Damien and their three beautiful children, Noah, Liam and Penelope. Bec cherished her mum, Maggie, her sister, Kim and brother, CJ… and she treasured all her precious animals.

Bec will be remembered for her friendships and for all the care she gave the people she worked with. Bec was loved and appreciated by many people in her community. These are just some of the messages that were sent… “a beautiful soul inside, she had a beautiful smile. She was an amazing person. I will miss our chats. She was sweet, kind and friendly. She was so full of positivity and energy.”

You will miss her humour, her (selective) hugs, your ‘lover tiffs’, her opinions, her phone calls and messages.

Bec has left this world knowing that she was loved beyond measure;

And having loved her family deeply.
She will be missed more than words can say;

She will be remembered and cherished,

And that love will never end.
You will hold her close within you,
To be with you throughout your lives.

May she rest in peace.


To watch the recording of the ceremony click here.

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