Blessingway Love Letter to an Unborn Grandchild

Couchy Creek Road – a letter/story written by indigenous woman, Beth Wrigley, to her yet to be born grandchild, on the occasion of her daughter-in-law’s blessingway ceremony.

My dear little grandchild,

There was a gathering at the river – a celebration of you growing so big in your mummy’s tummy. The message had gone out along the creeks and rivers, the butterfly’s, bees and dragonfly babies told that there was to be a very special cicle and a great feast in honour of this growing family.

You and your mummy and daddy would be there with the aunties, grandma’s and fairy godmothers down by the river. We were each to bring a treasure which would be woven into a magic dreamcatcher. This dreamcatcher, full of love and welcome, would be the inspiration and strength to prepare for the precious moment of your birth. We would all be offering our love and prayers in this way for the special time of your arrival into the wonderful world.

The land had been so very wet, rain and more rain, day after day. Your mummy chose a day and declared: ‘It will be dry on this day of our celebration and sacred ritual, we will have our circle by the river and the sun will shine, (please)’.

Your daddy and the aunties and grandmas and fairy godmothers all wondered about this as it had been raining so much all summer. Your mummy just smiled quietly and we all went about making our plans.

We baked and gathered precious pieces. The time for celebration drew nearer and the rain kept coming, the drops seemed to get bigger and bigger!

And yet, when the day arrived…surprise, the sun shone brightly and the sky was a glorious blue. We all skipped along the path to the splashing river, we said hi and hugged. We were all smiles as we chose a spot that felt just right. The friends and family were so happy to be together!

The circle gathered on the rocks by the singing river. We offered our gifts into the centre and spoke words of love and hope for you, our special grandchild, and your mummy and daddy. We smudged with smoke and blessed the circle and said our prayers for the day of your birth, giving thanks for all of life.

The blanket was laid down and we made a soft bed with golden silk cushions for you and your mummy to lie on. She was the queen and you, the precious piccaninny princess – tucked away all safe inside.

Aunty Tay began to draw a lovely lotus flower on your mum’s tum, we each drew petals and made a big beautiful flower that covered you all over! As we were drawing, we whispered kind, sweet secrets and kisses to you. You heard the whispers and felt the kisses and all that love…. I wonder if you could even see the pretty flower that we drew from your special piccaninny home?

This strong circle, full of love and hope filled each of us with great joy,…your beautiful mummy radiates this great happiness…..your daddy so strong and gentle, ever-present. The treasures are woven together in your dream catcher waiting for the day of your birth. The words of love we spoke sit lightly in your heart, nourishing and giving your spirit life. We will remind you often of how loved and precious you are to each of us, we will help to care for you in many ways. Your guardian angel will guide and keep you also little one.

The sun kept shining and that loud river rolled on as we laughed and chatted and began our great and delicious feast.

There will be many more gatherings and circles with the loved ones, yet we will always remember this day – overflowing with love and gifts of joy and friendship, of bliss and of blessing.

My dear little grandchild,

With love from Nanny


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