How clear, how lovely bright…

Celebration of the Life of Heatherbelle Lee

I cannot remember where I first met Heatherbelle over two decades ago; and yet I can say with certainty that her smile was present every time we saw each other. In her last week, she requested I visit to discuss ‘death and dying’ — and her smile was there. A woman of elegance, beauty, kindness, love, generosity and a dear friend and ally to many. She loved her family and the ocean with a passion.

Heatherbelle’s daughter, Juliet read a quote from AE Houseman as part of her beautiful tribute.

How clear, how lovely bright,

How beautiful to sight

Those beams of morning play;

How heaven laughs out with glee

Where, like a bird set free,

Up from the eastern sea

Soars the delightful day.

The ceremony was held at the Jetty Beach House which has stunning ocean views and a relaxed atmosphere. I wrote these Words of Remembrance.

Heatherbelle’s friendly smile and kind nature will be how you remember her. May you be inspired by her passion for helping to create a better world of understanding and care, especially with young children where she would, as Harvey said, sprinkle her ‘magic dust’ … and pluck stars from a dark universe and create her own galaxy of light.

May your hearts be nourished by Heatherbelle’s capacity to forgive, love unconditionally and her deepfelt generosity of spirit. She will be forever in your hearts.

May Heatherbelle be at peace.

The link to watch the livestream is here.

Celebrating Ian McAllister—Macca

A kind and funny character loved by so many in the community. So many funny stories were shared. He was a hoarder of papers and magazines.

Laughter for Macca, as you all know, was paramount. He was always laughing and upbeat. He’d probably find this all a bit humorous… and, in light of that, the family want to send Ian off with a copy of the weekends Sydney Morning Herald, The Financial Review, The Australian … with the inserts and also the Architectural Digest which they’d like to invite friends to place on his casket.

 After the family and friends had piled high the casket with the papers and magazines, which brought both tears and laughter, there were some Digests left over. I invited Sandra, Todd and Daniel to put the rest on his casket. They did so with a tender good riddance to the stack of magazines. 

You can watch the ceremony here. Scroll down to 8th September 2022.

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Bonnie Capell
Bonnie Capell
1 year ago

The ending is marvellous – one way to clean out the study 🙂