Honest Conversations in the Garden

It was a lovely gathering that fostered a sense of connection, care, curiosity and openness. In our short time together we covered practices that, once they become familiar, can increase capacity to engage in difficult conversations… whether to do with living or dying. We shared our stories and dipped lightly into:

  • what beliefs we hold (individually and socially) that make it hard to talk about death and dying… and grief;
  • what supports us when we wish to have these hard conversations: deep listening, meeting our fears so we connect to our needs and increase our capacity to ’show up’.
  • the intimate ceremony (mourning and celebration circle) and public ceremony: a few examples from Wendy’s work.
  • preparing for death and dying (only 51% of Australians have a will!). Getting our ‘death bags’ started: a book, box, folder or bag where you store information that would be helpful to your family and friends at the time of your dying or death. See below for a list of recommended information to include.
  • personal stories and Wendy’s poems of grief and loss.



Real Ceremonies

You can find information here, about:

  • Increased funeral ceremony choices after the pandemic.
  • Personal rituals from home.
  • Intimate rituals, family gatherings and public ceremonies.
  • Online mourning and celebration circles.
  • Real life stories of funerals and memorials services at my blog.

Getting Your Affairs in Order

Here you will find ideas and resources to help you get your affairs in order. If you haven’t already… make a will!

Local organisations: Death Cafe and death doula—Rani Foreman  (there are many more death doula’s in the area but I included Rani as she holds grief circles and the death cafe).  Bereavement Centre, Miindala (NGO) (bereavement support, home death info, cold plate hire etc) Mob: 0448 084 792 Emiindala2013@gmail.com

In a very short period of time, we become a trusted community of friends who foster authenticity, companionship, curiosity, wellbeing and connection. In a safe space we explore the practical and the spiritual, the physical and emotional aspects of death and dying. You will be in large and small groups with lots of time given to reflect, talk and hear the personal and diverse range of experiences. Safe, guided connections and care. I hope you will join me.

Click here for more information, testimonials, and the links to register. These programs are offered freely to ensure equity of access for all.

‘Inspiring, empowering, peaceful, heartfelt, enlightening’

(Feedback from the workshop, Celebrating This Precious Life: Honest Conversations that was held in the Botanic Garden, Coffs Harbour.

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