In Memory of Evelyn Hague

Strong and Determined at 96 years old…

Evelyn’s family gathered on Thursday to pay their respect to their mum, nana, nanny Evelyn.

I met Evelyn nearly two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic restrictions at the funeral of her beloved daughter, Diane.  Diane died in June 2021 and, naturally, it was a very difficult occasion to meet. Only a few months ago, I met the family once again, when Evelyn’s dear elderly friend, Marje, died. (Marje was the mother in law of Evelyn’s daughter, Cheryl.)

Cheryl was organising this celebration for her mum…  so to acknowledge that this was her third funeral in a short period of time (and for others there as well), I wrote as part of the introduction:

Grief may seem like a constant companion at times like these. In gathering together, you support each other to bear witness to the loss and sadness and also, the celebration and legacy that are part of the changing relationship you share with those you love. Storytelling is one of the many ways we keep connected to those who have died, and connected to each other through your shared tears and also through the laughter.

We had a beautiful ceremony for Evelyn. I shared, ‘Evelyn was a proud and determined woman and most of you would know that she was not one to celebrate her birthdays in the nursing home, nor have much fuss made of her… and so, we break a few of her rules today, and we get to celebrate her now… with respect and gratitude. Evelyn was a woman of integrity, resourcefulness and care; and she deeply loved her family.’

The family chose the following songs:

Opening: Danny Boy by Damien Leith

Photo Reflection: Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland

Offering of Rose Petals and Blessings: Amazing Grace by Susan Boyle

Closing: Green, Green Grass of Home by Tom Jones



May Evelyn Rest in Peace

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