Life’s Prayer

Life’s Prayer… calling you home.

Often I will craft a special poem or blessing for a family when they are seeking special words that really speak to them of their beloved who has died.

I met with the family of the late Shane Webster and they were looking for a reading that could embody a sense of Shane’s connection to a power greater than himself, his devotion, love and care for others, and his commitment to being the best version of himself. I wrote Life’s Prayer for the funeral ceremony after reading Shane’s personal credo and The Lord’s Prayer which, at one time, Shane had held close.

With permission from the family, I share the reading I crafted with The Lord’s Prayer and Shane’s credo in mind.

Life’s Prayer

Be yourself.

Remember the power of,

‘I am what I am.’

Know in your heart what it is to say, I love you,

Be caring and compassionate.

Give yourself permission to love and be loved.

Be honest with all beings.

Be gentle with yourself.

Let go of the past, let go of your fears and live free of guilt.

Don’t fight with yourself or others.

Let yourself love and be loved.

Embrace the beauty in life.

Be creative, open-minded

and discover what you love…

and do it.

Live in your power, be aware of fake people,

and don’t seek what is not yours.

Don’t fear failure or success.

Don’t sabotage your efforts with anger.

Know your anger. Then, don’t be angry.

Be willing to try and fail and try again.

Don’t cry over spilt milk but do cry.

Don’t shame others or expose their weaknesses.

Be kind to all beings, animals and people; and yourself.

Stay healthy, exercise, have fun. Live within your means.

Don’t take life too seriously.

Every day find something to laugh about.

Laugh a lot, laugh at yourself.

Be a happy person and be happy with others.

…and don’t take any wooden nickels.

Stay true to yourself.

Inspired by the Credo written by Shane Webster (RIP 1967-2023)

Translated and Edited by Wendy Haynes—June 2023

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