Celebrating the Life of Margaret Crawley

Honouring the Life of Margaret Crawley

Words of Remembrance

Margaret, Marg, mumma Bear, mum, nan…. adored her only grandson, Harry and her daughters, Sandy and Michelle and Michelle’s partner, Jason. She loved and respected her mum and dad, Royal and Mavis, and her siblings, Bruce, Joy, Cliff, Donald, Philip and Brian and their partners. She also remained good friends, with the father of her daughters, Val.

You will remember Margaret for many things but in particular, she was known for her capacity to talk and engage others to be generous. She was passionate about her charities: 53 years and she strived hard to get what she wanted so she could ensure that her work was meaningful and successful. She was determined and also stubborn! Marg was old school and very proud of the work she did. Gurmesh Singh, our local member acknowledged Margaret’s achievements to charitable organisations on the floor of parliament in Canberra. She was very proud to hear of this. Marg has left a great legacy to many organisations and communities.

Michelle was saying, not only did her mum give to charities throughout her life, but she gave her daughter, Sandy, a kidney in 2009 and determined to match the gift to Michelle, she brought her younger daughter a custom-made surfboard!

Marg was a woman of integrity and good morals. She was also hardworking and gutsy. At home, she maintained her three-acre property, and worked in her beloved gardens. She loved her gardens and her craft. She was highly creative and would spend hours creating with her friends. Margaret and her friends made many cards that were sent to our troops overseas – that was the beautiful type of person she was.

Marg had also been very sporty throughout her life, enjoying game fishing, squash, tennis, golf … anything to keep her out and active. Marg was determined she wasn’t going into a nursing home. She liked to be the boss and do it her way, and with that independence she took responsibility for her decisions until the end.

After reading through the many beautiful condolence messages on Facebook, I will close the remembrance with some of the tributes offered:

Margaret was a real character. She was an awesome woman. A mother’s love leaves a lasting imprint in your heart.   Marg …was a powerful spirited woman. What an amazing lady you had the privilege to call your mum.

I will forever remember Marg’s robust sense of humour and, of course, her incredible biscuits.

Marg was a champion, selfless and strong woman. I have nothing but fond memories of her. A legacy that is not always easy to achieve. Margaret was such a giving person. I am honoured to have enjoyed a crafting friendship with her. Margie is a tough cookie. Our wonderful Margie, our fighter, our warrior.

Marg will be greatly missed.

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