Mindfulness and Loving Kindness

Life can be challenging, beautiful, stressful, crazy, ugly, divine. Sourcing an inner sense of wellbeing and peace often has to be cultivated, nurtured and nourished so that you can access this presence and stillness no matter what arises.

Each week you are welcome to join me for a free online mindfulness practice to foster a sense of groundedness, peace and kindness to oneself. Filling up the cup so we can share ourselves with life, with family and friends.

Here is this weeks recording.

May you lean into the qualities of kindness, peace, belonging and a sense that you matter in the world.

For more recordings visit www.soundcloud.com/wendyhaynes-com

To receive the Zoom link to join the weekly group please go to the bottom of the mindful presence page here and you will see a form to signup!