Grief and Love are Sisters

Grief and love are sisters, woven together from the beginning. Their kinship reminds us that there is no love that does not contain loss and no loss that is not a reminder of the love we carry for what we once held close.

Frances Weller

The Mourning and Celebration Circles

Reflections from those who joined the two circles online this last week .

I really feel both circles are essential for anyone who lives in a community. The guided practices created a safe and supportive space for sharing. There was a felt sense of connection and understanding within the circle.

We both felt so much connection and benefit from it and I particularly liked how you brought the needs in at the end, I feel like that brings some extra resolution and awareness.

I’m looking forward to more and would really love to facilitate something like this with mothers in the future, it’s so simple but so special and potent.

When guiding us, you mentioned clearly that you wouldn’t time each speaker and instead emphasised we’d keep the timeframe collectively while every one of us will have a fair chance to speak (whether they choose to speak or not) within the time given. And it magically worked. To witness and experience that, I gained more confidence, where to place trust, and name it clearly.

It was very safe and supporting and connective and I felt the silent understanding.

It made me feel a part of something bigger than myself – a part of the human spirit.

The practice felt very safe, supportive and effective. The sense of connection and support was palpable.  I loved everyone echoing back the word of celebration. It was very powerful.

You are welcome to join

I hope you will join me for upcoming circles. Keep your eyes posted on my blog for upcoming dates for online and in-person gatherings.
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Geraldine Hughes
Geraldine Hughes
4 months ago

During The Mourning and Celebration Circle, I felt as if I was participating in a holy ritual. Wendy creates and holds sacred space with intellectual maturity, wisdom, personal knowledge and integrity with boundaries emanating from love and respect. The current that was present enabled and allowed me to set goals, intend boundaries and keep steady, and on track with my self care plan, strong and confident by just listening and sharing, amazing, the transformational energy was palpable and very exciting, I parted feeling vibrant and full of vitality.

2 months ago

Thank you Geraldine for your beautiful presence and storytelling.