Music for the Soul

The body is doing well. I still ache however today I stopped the pain meds and there is ease. I am in a quiet place and feel blessed to have the resources to rest. There are four nice scars, healing on the points where the surgeon entered to do truly miraculous work. Prior to the surgery, I had been joking with a friend that I draw on my abdomen an arrow pointing to the belly button with the words. Enter Here. She is also having surgery this week and she sent me a picture of her directional prompts on her abdomen for the surgeon which also made me laugh. Shared humour is a great medicine in this time of emotional and physical fragility. It reminds me of my resourcefulness, resilience and strength and the importance to the connection of others. To you.

Last night I was aimlessly wandering down bunny holes again with strange dreams, vivid imagery and storylines that both engaged and frightened me. Stories of suffering, of myself and others being lost and confused. Coming to the surface momentarily only to disappear down another bunny hole. I think this state must be enhanced by the pain meds.

Somehow, through practice? through familiarity? I sense into the witness, the awareness and finally enter, with relief, into sleep. The mind can be a weird place to hang out for too long when lost in thoughts and dreams. I am deeply grateful for the mindfulness and self empathy practices that bring me home, time and time again.


Before my surgery, my friend and dancer, guided a small group of us online through a movement practice listening to 2 Cellos play a M21 Forgiveness, written by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
This is potent, slow music to be listened to in a quiet place. The invitation is to sit or stand quietly and then move and touch one’s body in a way that is directed by the music. I cried and also felt deep joy.
Music and movement can evoke such potency – beyond thoughts, fears and reassurances.
Yiruma – River Flows in You


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Lynnie Robertson
Lynnie Robertson
2 years ago

Aaahh, I always love the invitation to Dance. Thankyou dear Wendy. I can imagine your dreams must be so potent and what an incredible tool the mind has devised to release stuff. How brave you are to be off your pain meds. I find the surgery impossible to imagine and am in awe of surgeons and the job they do daily. Here in La Niña land more heavy rain but deliciously cool breezes.
I rest in my yurt with the rain drumming on the tin roof feeling cosy in my little woom.
I have a pile of excellent books, my yoga mat unfurled and a fridge full of yummy food.
The creek flows, the birds sing and I wait until this next covid wave recedes and I can get down to Melbourne to visit dad, family and friends.
Lotsa lotsa lotsa love to you, Lynnie