Online Mourning and Celebration Circle Monday 8th August 7pm-8.30pm AEST

Using guided practices from the mindfulness, Ongo: Everyday Nonviolence and Celebrating This Precious Life programs, we will come together online to share our Mourning and Celebration Circle.

Mourning… the loss of a beloved family member, friend, pet, member of the community… or the loss of a job, a change of situation, financial security or  concern for the wellbeing of the planet and wildlife. Mourning can be whatever it is for you.

The need for mourning is often hidden or downplayed. Our lives are interwoven with mourning and celebration at many levels. Mourning doesn’t need to be morbid, scary, depressing… it can indeed be healthy and form the basis of a strong community. The circles are not therapy although they are therapeutic—they are surprisingly uplifting and energising.

We also come together to celebrate… major milestones and every day ordinary miracles. There’s a lot worth celebrating.

You do not need to know Nonviolent Communication (NVC) rather bring a willingness to foster a mindful presence, deep listening and a capacity to ensure all voices are heard. Everyone is welcome.

Wendy will host the session and guide us through practice in a safe and loving way. The link to join the gathering is below.

For everyone’s mutual needs for safety, care and respect please have your camera on  and, to your best ability, foster a mindful presence in the circle space. The ‘virtual’ doors will close at 7.10pm AEST. You are welcome to arrive a little early and settle in.

In the circle we will engage the practice of deep listening—that is to listen with curiosity, care, an intention to connect… holding respect for our differences and similarities—refrain from interrupting, comparing, fixing, shaming, cross talking… the invitation is to listen with a mindful presence; and ensure there is space for every voice to be heard, including your own. A facilitator or group space holder will gently interrupt you if you share for too long, start talking off topic, offer advice or lecture about your views. We appreciate your understanding which would meet needs for mutuality, safety, consideration, connection and care. 

There may be tears, there will be love—there will be caring people supporting us to hold presence for mourning and celebrating.

This event is free to join. Please register here to receive the Zoom link.

From Helena in Portugal after attending an online Mourning and Celebration Circle.

“Wendy guided us through the whole experience with care and reassurance, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so safe and held in a virtual space, nor physical space, for that matter. Wendy’s soothing presence was crucial for everyone to feel comfortable with sharing, knowing they wouldn’t be judged or receive unsolicited advice, which happens a lot when opening up during these hard times. Her wonderful facilitating skills made every moment of silence, every collective breath, every remark appear right when it was needed. 

I’m so grateful for having had the opportunity to experience such a space, so distinct from how our society normally deals with, or actually ignores, these still taboo topics of death and grief.”


Click here to find out more about this live event.

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