Peter and Lauren’s wedding

Peter and Lauren had a beautiful afternoon for their rehearsal – blue skies and a cool breeze.

Lauren’s mum, Angela, and her father, Derek, were going to walk with Lauren from the car to where the guests would be seated. At this point, her father would shake hands with Lauren’s stepdad, Jim, who would then escort Lauren with Angela to the front of the ceremonial area.

Lauren had been clear that she wanted Jim to walk her down the aisle as he had been her dad 24/7 since she was three years old. Derek was naturally disappointed and yet, came to understand why Lauren made her choice. This idea of having her father and stepdad walk her down the aisle met her needs to include Derek in a significant way to honour he had been there as her biological father for some of her journey.

On their wedding day, it was also blue overhead but there was a dark bank of clouds brewing up in the west and heading our way. It’s usually a sign of a late afternoon thunderstorm. Lauren’s bridal car broke down after they had picked her up which stressed her out a little … but all was well. I had received word she was running late so, while the sun was out, I let guests know what was happening and invited them to stay in the shade.

Jim and Angela were waiting in the carpark with Derek and they were all very relaxed as the wedding car arrived with Lauren and her two sisters and younger brother.

Lauren’s wedding party walked down the aisle first and Lauren looked radiant as Angela and Derek walked either side of her to the ceremonial area. We had choreographed a few options of what would happen at this stage. It was decided that Derek’s partner, Bec, would be there and once Derek had kissed Lauren, shook hands with Jim, he would then walk down the aisle with his partner, Bec, to their seats in the second row at the front. The music would still be playing. This option meant that Derek could still witness his daughter walking down the aisle which he appreciated.

Lauren, Angela and Jim all paused while this happened. A few breaths later, the three of them walked to the front of the ceremonial area.

It flowed with ease, grace and much love.

Peter and Lauren invited their Aunty to share an adapted reading by an anonymous author:

When two people decide to join their lives in marriage, it is because,

They are certain they have something special that will last forever.

They will build a life and as long as their determination stays with them,

Their love will always be their inspiration, their truth, and their strength.

They will encourage each other’s dreams and forgive each other’s faults.

Together, they will experience all of life’s up and downs.

Together, they will learn and grow through trial and error.

These lessons will show them the meaning of true commitment.

Through love and friendship, they will unite in marriage.

We had just enough time for the signing when the first big drops of rain fell… and then just as everyone got under cover it bucketed it down! About half an hour later, as often happens in this subtropical climate, the sun popped out again.

Wishing them both the very best for a blessed marriage!
Congratulations Lauren and Peter.