Create an Inspiring Naming Ceremony (e-book)



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Creating a Naming Ceremony for your child is rich with possibilities!

    • The joy and delight of having children in your life is a gift worth celebrating and creating a welcoming or naming ceremony for your child is rich with possibilities. Whether you have traditional family customs you would like to incorporate or you are starting from scratch; this expert guide will take you through an easy yet comprehensive step-by-step process to creating a unique and beautiful

naming ceremony

    • There are examples, stories and ideas that will warm your hearts and help you to find exactly the right words you want, and there are naming ceremonies for young children, teenagers and adults.


    • All over the world people also celebrate the naming of many inanimate items of significance – boats, offices, restaurants, bridges, and walking tracks, so for a bit of fun there is also a naming ceremony for a restaurant and a beautiful boat included!

Also Included in ‘How to Create an Inspiring Naming Ceremony’:

Great ideas and tips on how to structure a memorable ceremony from start to finish

Discover the seven essentials for a beautiful ceremony

What to ask your godparents or supporting adults

How to write special blessings and readings

A beautiful insight into an indigenous naming ceremony

A wealth of inspiring words and ceremonies for children of all ages

What People Say About “How to Create an Inspiring Naming Ceremony’:

This is a beautiful book that gave us so much more than just a naming ceremony for our son. It affirmed and celebrated our role as parents and gave us a huge insight into what we wanted as a family. I recommend this book highly to any new parent.
– Jane and Daniel, Tamworth, NSW

What a great book! We loved the way we were easily guided to create a naming ceremony that was perfect for us! Lois and Madison”s naming ceremony was heartfelt and uplifting and everyone commented on how lovely it was.
– Matt and Melissa, Brisbane, NSW