Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony (Paperback)


Whether you are having a traditional or contemporary wedding, “Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony” will help you to create your own beautiful and inspiring wedding ceremony that is everything you want it to be – stylish, intimate, meaningful, fun and relaxed!

ISBN 978-0-9757338-2-0

(e-book version available)

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ISBN 978-0-9757338-2-0 (Paperback)
Updated 2019. 292 Pages.

This expert guide will help you to create your own inspiring wedding ceremony!

Since 1995 I have been helping Australians celebrate the significant occasions in their lives, having conducted over 1,500 ceremonies. With my expert guide “Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony” I will show you how the process of creating your wedding ceremony can be easy and fun for both of you and help you to create an inspiring vision for the marriage itself.

You will receive beautiful examples of how other couples have planned their special day, and brides and grooms share their stories and insights into what worked for them.

I will also share with you great ideas that will help you to find exactly the right words you want.

There are also fifteen complete ceremonies that are primarily civil ceremonies, including ceremonies written for same sex couples, and there are examples of ceremonies based upon Christian and Buddhist ideals as well.

Also included in ‘Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony’:

  • Great ideas and tips on how to structure your own beautiful wedding ceremony from start to finish
  • How to write heartfelt vows
  • Who to include – how and why
  • Discover “The Love Letter”
  • The beautiful hand ceremony
  • And a wealth of inspiring words, stories, vows and ceremonies

With  Create your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony you can create a ceremony that will affirm and honour your love, your commitment and your friendship – easily and enjoyably!

What People Say About ‘Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony’

“This book is a definite must-buy for any couple wanting to have a truly unique and beautiful wedding ceremony.” Kamini Rajarethnam, Group Editor, Wedding Magazine

“Reading your book helped us to go back and really think about what brought us together and why we wanted to get married. We had a lot of fun with your book.” Jennifer & Aaron, Sydney, NSW

“Your book gave us an insight as to what the important aspects of a perfect ceremony are. Had I not read your book I don’t know whether I would have put so much thought into the most memorable part of our wedding.” Candy and Lincoln, Sydney, NSW

“I  really enjoyed your book!  I devoured it today and have about 10 different ideas scribbled down that I plan to include in our ceremony.  About four times I actually had tears welling up in my eyes at some of the beautiful words you have used in your ceremonies and I love your chapter entitled Marriage 101 – it’s not always 50/50; that was a lesson I had to learn for myself after a squabble or two, but now I understand that I’m just more passionate about the actual wording of the ceremony but my fiancé is actually excited about marrying me. My celebrant is Jill Webster and she did highly recommend the book, in her words ‘I think anyone who is planning their wedding ceremony should definitely buy the book…heaps of wonderful suggestions’ and she really loved the Love Letter idea and so do I. Thank you so much for your wonderful suggestions, I’m very much looking forward to having a very personal, genuine and intimate ceremony using a number of them.” Emma Bingley, Tasmania

“I always provide my couples with my own comprehensive book of ceremony ideas and was reluctant to buy your books as it would be yet another in a very full library. After attending your naming workshop at our conference I was so impressed with your ideas and generosity that I purchased your package with the intention of passing on your contact details with my portfolio so every couple wanting that bit more could do so easily. I must say your book is incredibly well laid out and in reading it my couples could certainly enhance their ceremonies – so thank you for your excellent work. I have conducted ceremonies for 16 years and I have tried to be as original as possible. I recall early ceremony books were very traditional in nature and I successfully provided alternatives.  I believe we celebrants should embrace change and constantly work at improving what we do.   I welcome your ideas and I hope to meet with you again in the future.” Jill Webster, Celebrant, Newtown, Tasmania

“I found your book amazing: it is very practical and informative. Despite being a celebrant for 16 years, with many ceremonies under my belt, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The chapters are very refreshing and very well worded. You ought to be congratulated on your book.” Silvia Levame, Celebrant, Enmore, NSW

“I have just finished reading your book and am amazed at the work and effort you have put into it. You have written with warmth and insight. You admit the difficulties that can arise in dealing with the very differing parties to a marriage but give encouragement and ideas that embrace their diversity. I am impressed.” Annette Veitch, Registrar of Births, Deaths & Marriages, Jedburgh, Scotland

(e-book version also available)