Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Vows (e-book)


Where do you start with your wedding vows? This easy to read guide offers lots of real life ideas and examples to inspire you to find the right words for you! The ‘love letter’ exercise makes this part of the wedding planning fun and easy… a special date to remember with your beloved.


e-book by Celebrant Wendy Haynes.
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This expert guide will show you how easy it is to write your own wedding vows, how inspiring and beautiful they can be, and what options you have when it comes to saying ‘I do!’

Some people say they simply can’t write or they can’t find the right words to say how much they love their partner. With trusted guidance, you will see that you can find what you want to say with little effort.

I often hear couples say ‘we want to keep it simple and don’t want to say much’. I am hearing their need for simplicity and also choice. Once couples have done the love letter exercise, the feedback is that they really appreciated the ease and fun they had in doing it, and the joy they had in discovering and sharing their unique expression of love.

Since 1995 I have been helping families celebrate the significant occasions in their lives, having conducted over 1,500 ceremonies. The process of writing your perfect wedding vows can be easy and fun for both of you! Along the way it can also help you to create an inspiring vision for the marriage itself.

You will also learn what the legal requirements are in Australia and explore what is possible.

What People Say about ‘Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Vows’:

“We loved your advice to write the vows and make this, in itself, a special moment of our planning. The questions you invited us to ask were deeply moving. Getting ideas from the examples was great!”

“Wendy’s book of vows was fantastic. Our vows were perfect! We would highly recommend Wendy’s book.”

Value for Money

This vows eBook is packed with the information you need to create your perfect wedding vows and I’m happy to offer you a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Download the vows eBook now and get started on creating your wedding vows today!