Readings and Blessings for a Wedding Ceremony (e-book)


This beautiful collection of personalised wedding readings and blessings offers the inspiration to follow the step by step guide to create your own unique reading or blessing for your wedding ceremony.


e-book by Wendy Haynes.
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This beautiful collection of sample wedding poems, readings and blessings will provide you with a simple, step-by-step guide for the creation of unique and personally composed readings and blessings for your wedding ceremony.

A beautifully crafted piece of poetry, reading or blessing can enhance a wedding ceremony in a multitude of ways. It can bring the innermost thoughts and feelings of a couple to life in a simple and uplifting manner. The words can reflect a couple’s values and ideals and offer them inspiration in what will be a long journey together. Poems, readings and blessings at a wedding ceremony can also leave a lasting imprint not only upon the couple but upon everyone present.


What People Say About ‘Inspiring Readings and Blessings for a Wedding Ceremony’:

Wendy Haynes is a very talented celebrant who inspires couples to create the most wonderful ceremonies with lasting memories. This book ‘Inspiring Readings and Blessings for a Wedding Ceremony’ is filled with useful and easy to follow tips to help create poems, readings and blessings for wedding ceremonies. The collection of sample poems, readings and blessings written by Wendy shows how she has taken ideas, feelings and general information and turned them into the most inspiring messages. The book provides an simple step by step guide for the creation of unique and personally composed readings and blessings with very little fuss. It shows how to take information and ideas, and convert them into personal and unique content that will enhance any ceremony.

I fully recommend this resource for anyone interested in composing the most inspiring content for wedding ceremonies.

Sally Cant, Celebrant and Director of the Celebrants Training College

I have enjoyed your e-book, Inspiring Readings and Blessings for a Wedding Ceremony. Writing something special for each couple that relates to them has become easier using your techniques of asking couples to answer a few questions on their meaning of marriage, friendship and their future together. It has worked, as on each occasion I know the couple recognised their own words as they gave me a little smile when I spoke the blessing in the ceremony. I find the book a useful tool to create something personal. Thanks Wendy.

Francine O’Brien, Celebrant, Maryland, NSW