The Essential Wedding Kit for Marriage Celebrants (e-book)


The essential wedding kit for marriage celebrants contains five useful templates for creating the non-legal forms you need as a celebrant, information about PA’s, rituals, business planning, a special bonus checklist for new celebrants guiding you step by step through the process from first interview to post ceremony and more.

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e-book by Wendy Haynes. Updated 2018
Downloadable Zip File includes 66 page PDF file & Word file

In this kit you will receive:

  • A  comprehensive questionnaire  for recording client details – you will never be left wondering about the finer points – easy to use and and easy to find the information when you need it.
  • The  client and celebrant agreement  - with over a dozen key points that will ensure you and your clients know exactly what is expected.
  • A  suggested schedule of fees brochure  that outlines over 20 key services that you can provide easily and will inspire and excite your clients to book you.
  • An  evaluation sheet  that will ensure you will get the information you need to continually improve your business… and will capture great testimonials to use for future marketing.
  • A  brochure  giving tips on how to have a relaxed and wonderful wedding day! Give your clients more than they expect.
  • A  complementary word file  - allows you to change the  content by adding your name, logo and other extras you want to include. All areas that require your name and details are highlighted so you can see easily where your inclusions need to be made – this means you can make your changes easily and quickly before printing out the forms.

Please note: All legal forms that are required by the Marriage Act 1961 are only available online at or from Canprint Communications

This recently updated kit includes new stories, ideas and inspiring information on:

  • Business planning.
  • Mindfulness for celebrants.
  • Rituals and symbols for wedding ceremonies.
  • The effective use of a PA system.
  • Writing an inspiring introduction for a wedding ceremony with examples from real life stories.

This kit gives you the best!

Hours and hours of work have gone into streamlining this kit with 25 years experience of working at the top end of the industry.  It comes in a 66 page PDF file which will be available for download immediately once payment is received online.

There is so much for you to think about… making initial contact, the first meeting, the legals, the paperwork, the process, keeping the couple informed, your contract… where to start?

And that’s even before we have talked about the ceremony!

Benefits for new celebrants

With my essential wedding kit for marriage celebrants the whole process is so much easier, less daunting and actually makes the transition into setting up a professional business easy.

Using my years of experience and expertise as one of Australia’s most influential celebrants, I have put together this kit featuring all of the information any new celebrant will need to start their business.

As a new celebrant myself, I was aware of the work involved in the celebrant role, but I was not completely aware of the work, time and detail involved in the actual setting up of the process side of things. With one small outlay all of the hard work has been done for you and not only that, it has been done to the very highest of standards so:

You can be confident you will not miss anything

You will save yourself a huge amount of time in setting up the necessary forms

Your customer contact will be sincere, clear and professional
And finally, armed with this information it will allow you to get on with the reason you became a celebrant in the first place!

What celebrants say about ‘The Essential Wedding Kit for Marriage Celebrants’

“Wendy, the work, forms and all of your notes will save me hours and hours of time in preparation and time away from Lisa and the kids, so I am sure they will be pretty happy with you as well!” – David Fahey,  Celebrant, Sawtell, NSW

“Thanks for your email and the additional (Word) version of the Essential Wedding Kit for Celebrants.  I am only just starting out as a celebrant, so it will be invaluable”  - Catherine Potter, Celebrant, Broulee, NSW