Saying ‘I Do’ in the Rain

The warmer, sunny winter days are perfect for outdoor weddings. I was chatting with a couple who were getting married in the local Botanic Garden – the ceremony was to be in a beautiful spot by the lake. I asked them what they had planned in case of wet weather. They wanted everyone to bring umbrella’s, just in case. I heard and acknowledged their enthusiasm for staying outdoors understanding that this was the place they had envisioned their ceremony would be held.

After discussing who was coming, and having had the experience of one too many ceremonies in bad, blustery weather, where the ambience was definitely hindered by guests being cold, wet and uncomfortable, we discussed the possible challenges and stresses of, not just a drizzle, but a sideways bluster, which are not uncommon in this part of the world. They could suddenly see what it really meant to get married in the rain. Not quite the same joy as ‘singing in the rain’.

Opening to new possibilities is sometimes hard when you have a vision that means everything. Yet, given our discussion, and connecting with their greater needs for care, consideration and the comfort of their family and friends; and also a ceremony that would have the space and ease they were looking for, they decided to find out if they could hold the ceremony at the reception venue if the weather was a hindrance.

They said it was a relief just to know the venue was available if they needed to use it and they could lean into, no matter what happened, they were all together having fun.