Celebrating Shaun

“Shaun loved his family and friends and he loved his carers… in fact, he loved most people he came across. He will be remembered for his empathic and engaging way with the world; and his stubbornness and determination! Shaun will be remembered for his cheeky and happy personality, the way he lived with the dark—his love of horror and the light—his love of the Botanic Garden and all things beautiful.

You will miss his adventurous spirit; his connection to the ‘loving spirit’ of this world; his quirky, funny ways; his dressing up; his loud, out of tune singing, and winks; and his beautiful, warm laugh. Shaun gave much to this world, to this community, to your lives, by being himself. He is now free and will always be in your hearts and stories.

May Shaun rest in peace.”

When the family were looking for a poem to read at the ceremony, they chose a poem that was close, but needed quite a bit of tweaking to make it right.

After listening to Shaun’s brother, Steve talk about his brother’s love of the Botanic Garden I wrote this poem. His mum, Enid, called Shaun, her beautiful boy which was the inspiration for the last stanza. I wrote this poem from the family to Shaun.

Finding You in The Garden

written by Wendy Haynes


Amber light and rippled shadows

Dance on the winding garden path—

Leaves shimmer. I see you dance and smile,

I hear your laugh; in the trees, the magpie calls.


You loved the Japanese Garden—cherry blossoms

In spring, a carpet of speckled pinks.

Autumns’ yellows, browns and reds,

Fall gently. You loved this quiet place.


You loved to smell the roses,

See the water lilies on the lake.

Every season beautiful, just like you…

Just like you, our beautiful boy.


You sat in the early morning light,

Waiting in the sun, a kookaburra laughs,

The galahs fly overhead and squawk.

You laughed, full of joy, at the simple things in life.


You are in the shadows and the light,

In the morning and the night.

I am very happy to have loved you.

And to find your love in me.


I will always love you,

And now,

Our beautiful boy,

You are always free.


For the close of the ceremony

the family chose a very upbeat song that Shaun loved and so, I offered these words:  For the last song, the family have chosen, Beat It by Michael Jackson. As many of you will know, Shaun adored the pop star, and dressed up as Michael Jackson for his 50th. The family could imagine if Shaun was here now he’d be saying, Come on, that’s enough of this… it’s time to go, beat it!

You can watch the livestream recording of the ceremony for the Late Shaun Robinson here.

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Shaun Robinson