Sitting on the fence…

With passionate requests ringing in my ears; and my own respect for the wisdom that is shared in the Celebrating This Precious Life programs, I have reinstated the Monday evening sessions starting, Monday 29th April.

I recall climbing the Alps in France nearly 15 years ago when my partner and I were WOOF’ing (volunteering on organic farms). We would get up early, with our head torch lighting the way to climb to the peak and see the sunrise over the snow crested, sharp angular faces of the mountains. Breathtaking. Each climb different, each summit rich. This program, Celebrating This Precious Life, is like climbing the most magnificent of mountains and sharing the view, the support, the care and the enthusiasm. It is our shared stories that make this program so rich and engaging. I often lean into my memories from our year away walking along the valleys, climbing peaks, visiting family and friends… and I lean into them to sustain me, remind me of what is possible, what is here now.

Chani and I held the first session for the Friday morning group with over 25 people joining us. It was powerful and so many beautiful people from around the world joined us.

However, with Monday’s program I had only one person registered. I decided to cancel the Monday program as it is truly the company that makes the conversations more diverse and connected. Then I received  a flurry of emails from people who had been sitting on the fence. So I have joyfully reinstated Monday evenings and invite your company!

If you find yourself wondering whether to join, please do reach out and ask questions, and know that we will have many wonderful conversations about ‘death and dying’  and ultimately, bring to light the many ways that support us to live fully this one very precious life that is ours to live!

Oh, the stories we share, and the honest, deep connections you will make will lift your heart.

We will lean in, clear out, let go, and embrace life while we still live it. You will gain practical tools and knowledge, as well as develop valuable skills and inner resources to be a true ally to yourself, your loved ones, and your community. You will meet some amazing people from around the world.

All the sessions are recorded, so if you can’t make it along for a session you will be sent the recordings and all the home practices and prompts.

Click here to find out more and to register.


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