Honouring Ted

A Man to Remember

I met with Ted’s family who adored him. They shared many funny stories and secrets while we looked over the back hills of Coffs Harbour. The rain was coming down in sheets. This esteemed gentleman had lived into many different lives.

“Ted will be remembered for being loyal, sociable and polite, Ted had impeccable manners. He loved being amongst the fun and laughter, he was always happy to be involved in the family antics with Amanda, Ben and Amber, whether it was: painting his fingernails rainbow colours, having his hair fashioned into a sparkly mohawk, or dressing up in silly outfits for the annual Christmas photos… all which kept him young at heart.

Ted was always there to support and offer a hand wherever he could. He never had a bad word to say about anybody and was very thoughtful. However, he staunchly stood up for what he believed in: he had clear boundaries and an impeccable code of ethics and morals that he lived by. Ted was a clear champion of the underdog.

Ted will be remembered for being an adventurer and a traveller while at the same time being a lover of routine and being quite set in his ways. As he grew older, Ted softened and became more flexible and accepting of change. He was a very proud man.

Ted will be remembered as being a ‘good bloke’ who is off on yet another new adventure…. If he was here, Ted would probably have two things to say… not just a pretty face… and ‘I heard that on the ABC radio” and finally, in a move to offer us all guidance and protection…he would tell you, with a big smile on his face, to watch out for the ‘Men in Black.’

Thank you for your presence here today. May peace be with you.

I’d like to ask the family to be standing.  Thank you.  

The family, dressed in black, all stood facing the front and discreetly put on their dark sunglasses. A few seconds into the closing song they all turned around….to which everyone laughed.

Closing Song: Men in Black—Will Smith

Here’s the link to watch the livestream.

Amanda wrote, ‘Thank You. I am most grateful to you for your compassion. I felt every part of the process was handled with the right amount of delicacy, compassion, understanding and respect for who we are as a family and what our loved one meant to us. I thank you for your patience and collaboration on getting Ted’s service right  and I do 100% believe he would have felt respected and loved. I have since had many comments from those that attended, that this was a “good funeral” and even one lady told me it was the best funeral service she had ever been to. Odd compliments 😀 but they affirmed for me that all the choices and decisions we made were the best ones to honour Ted. My family and I are truly grateful to you for the  way you delivered the service, it was perfectly done.  A huge thank you.”
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