The Fisherwoman’s Net and an Invitation

Come and join me for two sessions at the Golden Anniversary Conference and Dinner. I will guide a session on inspiring ceremonies and in the evening share a collection of poetry about celebrancy.

Click here for an introduction to my poetry and a reading of The Fisherwoman’s Net.  This poem was inspired by the mourning and celebration circle/ceremony I conducted for the Warburton family.

Testimonial for the Mourning and Celebration Circle

Looking back the Mourning and Celebration Circle, which we experienced with Wendy, in a private familiar environment was really valuable for me, as my brothers death was tragic and so unexpected. I was looking for answers as to why and trying to accept I was not going to see Greg here in this life again. I had never encountered this type of celebration at any of the funerals I had attended previously so didn’t know what to expect. Wendy immediately put me at ease and her presence just gave me a sense of calm and reassurance. The space created for all our family members in this circle, allowed each and every person to talk openly and honestly without judgement or interjection from anyone. Memories, emotions, stories and tears were shared by all, as painful as it was for many of us. I feel this ceremony helped bring us closer together in our grief and helped prepare us for the next day when a public service was to be held. I would recommend Wendy and her services to anyone contemplating a deeply meaningful and personal memorial service. You will be touched by Wendy’s authentic, peaceful and caring personality and her service will leave you with lasting memories.— Michele (loving sister of Greg)

G‍olden Anniversary Conference and Dinner

Saturday 29th July 2023 Melbourne, Australia

The conference organisers write…

You do not have to be a registered or experienced celebrant to attend the conference … Gee, you do not even have to be a member; if you have a friend who is a Celebrant and not a TCN member they are welcome too. In fact, there are some really good reasons why you should come.

This year is a milestone year… 50 years of Civil Celebrancy.

How amazing is that? Do you really want to miss out on that? Everyone is welcome to attend the conference and meet the crew, put a face to the names you see here on the forum and to perhaps personally thank them for the support, encouragement and advice they have so willingly shared with you. Our amazing speakers will show you ways in which you can add meaning and your personality to your ceremonies so they will be remembered for all the right reasons. Take the opportunity to meet your colleagues and build your own support groups. Do join us for a great day and evening and don’t forget that it will be a tax-deductible expense.

If you are a TCN member, make sure you are logged on to get the Members Discount!

Click here for more details.


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