The Hannafords

An Old Coffs Harbour Family

The Hannaford family contacted me as  they had a last minute change when planning the funeral ceremony for their beautiful mum, Neta. The minister they had hoped would conduct the funeral service had a family matter arise. We met Friday evening for the ceremony on Monday morning 10am. I was able to offer a secular service with the inclusion of Christian prayers and a hymn. Psalm 23 was read by Phil Hannaford, a family friend and minister, and he said, it gave him the honour to speak as he greatly respected Neta and her family. He included words of inspiration from Ecclesiastics. They also had the hymn, What a Friend we Had in Jesus One of Neta’s daughters read a poem, What is a Mum? and then offered her tribute. Her other daughter, read a prayer written in Neta’s handwriting; and found in a drawer after she had died. A prayer of service and humility.

Words of Remembrance

“Neta was a strong and steady presence in your lives, she was hardworking, adventurous and funny. You’ll remember her laugh and beautiful smile.  Neta loved her home and her kitchen—the Monday afternoon tea family gatherings will be talked about for many years to come. A tradition, with Aunty Jean and Gordon and all the kids that provided love, security; and a sense of belonging that has nourished this family through two generations…highlighted by the classic….sponge cakes, lamingtons, scones, Jatz biscuits and avocado’s.

Jauneta will be remembered and honoured as an Elder in the Uniting Church—her love and devotion to Christ and to prayer was exemplified in her integrity, compassion and service to others.”

The full ceremony can be viewed here. Scroll down to 12th September 2022


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