The New Moon

Sowing Seeds

For as long as I can remember, I have sown seeds in my vegetable garden in the first week of the new moon. I used to buy the moon planting charts yet, the truth is, I didn’t take too much notice of the elaborate astrological computations as to when to plant the different things – leafy veg, root plants etc. I just remember that the new moon was the time to plant.

Now, the new moon has become more a cyclical marker in our garden activity so that we can ensure a steady flow of greens.

I reflect back on this and note what else I do cyclically to nourish my life, my health – meditation, Ongo, creativity, music, movement, connection to others, contribution and serving the community… and rest.

Resting has reached a whole new level after the major surgery I had two and a half weeks ago. I feel like I could climb mountains yet in reality, a short walk to the beach, a swim, a walk back and I am ready for a rest.

(You can read more about my journey with cancer and healing in my previous posts)


A powerful healing modality. Resting everything – the body, mind and spirit. Just resting. Watching the clouds pass by, the bees dance around the tulsi bush. Watching the grass and the weeds grow. Just resting. Sitting and doing nothing. It is an art form that I am delving into deeply.  At times, there is resistance – I notice the weeds around the leeks are getting bigger, or the dying bean bushes are ready to be dried to collect their seeds. Yet, I am learning. Breathing in. Breathing out.

Gentle movement

I have to wait for a few more weeks until I start my yoga movements and core exercise. In the meantime, I came across this wonderful series of online Qi Gong classes by Marissa. I particularly enjoyed these two sessions –  a QiGong facial which I do seated and this Daily Energy QiGong practice which I do while standing. I visualise some of the wider stretching movements. Both have given me a sense of increased energy, joy and love!

Ongo Programs

I had written in a recent email to previous Ongo participants that I was thinking of starting two programs at the end of February. A dear and trusted friend called me after having a ‘What?’ moment when reading this. She shared with me her shocked body response to reading my intention and using Ongo she questioned, ‘What needs would be met by hosting the programs at the end of February?’  That was easy for me – connection and contribution.

We then explored what other needs were calling – rest, reflection and recovery. I held all my needs for hosting and not hosting the programs with respect – listening deeply. I laughed a lot and had some mourning yet after a while, and I can imagine some of you smiling, I came to a peaceful place of understanding — I will not be hosting the programs starting at the end of the month.

Time for sowing seeds of rest, reflection and recovery


Online Meditation

I will start the 1/2 hour meditation classes very soon as the short length of being online is easy and the quality of presence, when sitting together, and our heart connection is nourishing. Keep an eye out for the email notifying of the start date. Sign up at the bottom of the mindfulness course information page if you are interested.

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2 years ago

YOU are LOVED! YOU are amazing! YOU are thought of daily!! xoxo

Nicole Morton
Nicole Morton
2 years ago

The art of resting… I like that! A new way for me to think about it.
I have a sense of wellbeing as I read your post and hear how you are! <3

Fiona Wright
Fiona Wright
2 years ago

Dear Wendy,
Thank you for sharing your healing journey. My needs for connection and clarity are met by reading your process. It reminds me to keep slowing down & breathe, even though I don’t know my next steps.

2 years ago

It fills my heart with assurance that you are healing well dear Wendy. The power and deep need to identify more and more with REST has been a big aha for me for the past few years. Your weekly mindful sessions perfectly allowed me to experience more of it in a shared guided compassionate space you so create beautifully. Indeed its an art, resting from, resting with, resting to… May this blessing of rest continue to guide us ever more! Love Dee