The Weather Comes and Goes. Vast Spaciousness Always Present

It’s been very stormy here in Gumbaynggirr country,  on the northern NSW coast. Thunderstorms and lightning, sunny breaks, heavy rain… quite unpredictable, wild and beautiful and, beyond all this weather coming and going, a vast spacious expansive sky.

With so much uncertainty and many changes occurring in our outer world and within the inner landscape, it is understandable that there are many reasons as to why it’s hard to meditate today.

Leaning into the stillness beyond the sensations, thoughts and all things that come and go in this life can take courage and strength to shift old habits of keeping busy, to avoid what’s here and, in doing so, missing this inner beauty, this vast sense of spaciousness that is also right here… no matter the weather.

I know when I stop, look up at the sky, I am in awe of the coming and going of the clouds, the shifting weather patterns, the beauty in the dark clouds, the majesty of the light at different times…the wide expansive sky.

I recall hearing the story of the Dalai Lama who was asked, ‘How often do you meditate?’  It is said he replied along the lines of, ‘On normal days I meditate for an hour in the morning.’ He smiled. ‘On busier days I meditate for two hours’.

I know stuckness, having many other things that need to be done before meditation so I don’t get there and I also know that, although I might resist at first, I feel inspired when I do it!

The invitation is to stop more often, breathing in fully this precious life. Whether the meditation is a formal, sit down practice or you just stop and take some conscious breaths, feel connected to the earth and the vast sense of open awareness.

This 25 minute meditation practice focuses on mindfulness of the body, breath, sounds and thoughts. Perfect if you’re feeling stressed or stretched or just wanting to ‘tap into presence’. Find yourself a comfortable spot to sit or lie down and connect with that quiet, still, spacious awareness ever present! Freely offered.

Meditation on Body, Breath, Sounds and Thoughts.

I’d love to hear how this was for you. Please leave your feedback below.

Spacious Awareness