Reflections from the Funeral Ceremony for Thomas ‘Tuck’ Hall

Tuck Hall. A true blue gentleman

While speaking with the family of the late Tuck Hall, his daughter, Jo brought out a small carving of a white cockatoo. She shared how much her dad had loved these birds. When I was leaving the family home of the Hall Clan, on the outside wall there was yet another sculpture. I included the following paragraph in the funeral ceremony.

“The White Cockatoo was also pretty special to Tuck and your family. These beautiful often raucous birds are known to mate with one partner for life. Their bond to their mate can be so strong that anything that breaks that connection can cause depression and ill health effects in the Cockatoo. This was the same for Tuck, who loved Norma for their 64 years of marriage. Norma’s death was a difficult and very private time for Tuck, causing him to grieve his lifelong companion, apprentice, wife and partner.”

Jo wrote afterwards, ‘Thank you Wendy being there to support our family during the passing of our dad Tuck. From the moment you spoke with me on the phone, to meeting in person, you brought a sense of calm to my life. I knew we were in good hands. My friend Jude and I spoke after the service for dad, about how you came to his home, chatted with us, made a few notes at the time, which I don’t remember you doing, and then captured the man and family perfectly.  The inclusion about the cockatoo…perfect.’ Jo Hall, Coffs Harbour, NSW

Words of Remembrance and Committal

“Tuck – a gentleman and true legend whose legacy of love, kindness and generosity will endure.

Tuck will be remembered for his deep love and devotion to his wife, Norma and their son, Kevin and his wife, Debra and their two children, Mitchell and his partner Sarah, Eliza and her partner Sam; and also, his daughter, Jo and her son, Adam and his fiancée, Amy.

Throughout Tuck’s life he offered encouragement and support to his family and friends – he was generous with his skills, resources, time and effort whether at home, at work or in his community, he gave freely and without seeking acclaim.  Dad’s dungeon will always be remembered for the many things he had happening down there under the house. There was never time to sit still, he was always on the go and finding ways to contribute to his family and friends.

You will remember his capacity to listen and his quiet, private way of being; his unobtrusive nature and steady presence. While he could be a hard man with hard rules, he was also a man of little judgement offering acceptance and, he was very proud of you all.

You’ll smile as you recall the stories of him walking the beach, in his thongs and boardshorts, every day, rain, hail or shine. Or, drinking a beer at the Tavern with his good mates. Or, when you think of his love of sweets and eating lollies from his large stash and the sweetest of their icy poles. Tuck was a man of simple pleasures – whether it was a $2.99 or $400 bottle of port – it was of no concern to him. He loved to place a bet and relished his cheap Aldi beer. He enjoyed it all.

You have expressed how deeply grateful you are to Tuck for being a good man. While he was not demonstrative in his love he was a loving and helpful father and pa; and he will be missed greatly by you all.

Tuck left a legacy of living with integrity, contributing to life his passion and care; and now, he has passed the family baton on. May you continue to hold dear the memories of the love you shared.

May Tuck rest in peace.”

To listen to the recorded livestream of Tuck’s funeral service you can click here.