Wedding planner

No matter what stage you are at in planning your wedding, I hope you find some valuable tips in my wedding planner to make your wedding flow with ease!

Wedding Planner

6 to 12 months before the wedding

  • Layout your wedding planner – go through this list and determine your needs.
  • Choose a date and begin to vision the type of wedding you would both like. (formal or informal, traditional, contemporary or a theme wedding…)
  • Determine your budget and discuss expenses.
  • Book your celebrant, priest or minister. Discuss your ceremony and complete the Notice of Intended Marriage. (This must be filled in at least a month before your wedding and no earlier than 18 months before.) Provide necessary original documents.
  • Start to get your ideas for your wedding ceremony – The beautiful e-book ‘Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony‘ is packed full of ideas, stories and examples of inspirational ceremonies. The inspirational e-book on wedding vows with over 100 examples is only $3.95! Available now to download upon purchase…buy here.
  • Choose and book a ceremony venue. Consider wet weather options if outdoors.
  • Find a reception location and make reservation.
  • Compile a guest list with names and addresses.
  • Choose who you would like to be in the Wedding Party (Best Man, best woman, bridesmaid, brides men etc) and ask them if they would like to take on the roles you have chosen.
  • Research wedding service providers:
    • photographer
    • videographer
    • florist
    • cake
    • entertainment and musicians
    • hair dressers, nails, make-up
    • cars
    • venue decorators
    • wedding co-ordinator…
  • Discuss price, what they offer, what you want, make notes… then decide and book!

4 to 6 months before the wedding

  • Finalise your guest list.
  • Select a wedding outfit for both parties with accessories and extras: shoes, belts, hoop, tiara, veil…
  • Choose attendant’s dresses.
  • If you are going to exchange wedding rings, purchase and, if necessary, arrange for engraving or fitting.
  • Book caterer/discuss catering.
  • Book DJ or band.
  • Decide on honeymoon arrangements– do you need passports, visas, etc? Book all travel plans in the legal names at the time of marriage – you may not have time to change your passport or ID if you are changing your name after you are married.
  • Begin to work on your ceremony. Discuss with your celebrant any ideas or selections you have made so far.  Do the ‘Love Letter’ exercise from my e-book “Create Your Own Inspiring Wedding Ceremony”  Need some inspiration for your wedding vows? You can see what other couples wrote for their vows to each other in this fabulous e-book!
  • Plan ceremony and reception music.
  • Choose and order invitations and any reception party gifts
  • Decide on whether you will have a gift register, wishing well, gifts for charity or ‘no presents‘ Arrange the details

2 to 4 months before the wedding

  • Put together ideas for wedding registry.
  • Send invitations and possibly, the gift list. Also include local brochures or contact details for the local visitor information centre for out of towners.  Maps and contact numbers for change of plans can also be included. You may wish to include an itinerary for any other planned events that are happening. (I.e. breakfast or lunch the next day)
  • Plan wedding decorations.
  • Make transport arrangements.
  • Finalise honeymoon plans
  • Order the wedding cake.
  • Reserve rooms for out of town guests.
  • Begin to prepare for your reception speech. ‘Create An Inspiring Reception Speech’ covers every thing you could possibly want to know about this.
  • Choose an MC for your wedding (one of your guests or a professional?) and ask them if they would be happy to do it.

One month before the wedding

  • Confirm details of every aspect of your wedding. (venue, decorators, photographer, videographer, florist, cake, entertainment and musicians, cars) Make final payments.
  • Discuss photo shoot with photographer. List the ‘must have’ photos.
  • Have all final fittings for outfits, shoes etc.
  • Ask a friend to take charge of a guest book at the reception.
  • Pick up wedding rings.
  • Purchase any gifts you would like to give.
  • Confirm ceremony details with Celebrant.
  • Keep a list of RSVP’s.
  • Arrange a hen’s and/or stag’s night. Tip: not the night before the wedding!

Two weeks before the wedding

  • Review reception seating and order place cards.
  • Prepare a wedding announcement and send to newspapers.
  • Contact guests who have not responded.
  • Confirm honeymoon and travel arrangements
  • Plan an itinerary for your wedding weekend. Aim to finish your running around two days before your wedding and then you can be free to greet guests as they arrive in town.
  • Have a trial hair and make-up appointment.

One week before the wedding

  • Pick up dresses and suits and accessories.  Arrange for someone to return hire clothes.
  • Confirm details with all participants and inform them of any changes.
  • See Celebrant. If you have not done so already, provide your original birth certificates and any other necessary documentation. Sign Statutory Declarations. Discuss the details of the ceremony, run through the start of the ceremony and standing positions. Rehearse vows and exchanging of the rings. Make final payment.
  • Give final guest count to caterer.
  • Pack for honeymoon.
  • Make sure you have rings and/or other gifts.
  • Have a rehearsal with the wedding party and those involved in the ceremony.
  • Make final touches to your speech.
  • Have a massage!

The wedding day

  • Make sure you have a good breakfast.
  • Get hair, nails and make up done.
  • Go for a surf, play a game of golf… preferably keep away from the trail bike riding and more risky sports!
  • Make sure you have lunch if it’s an afternoon wedding. You can organise for a platter to be brought to you.
  • Drink lots of fluid and keep away from the alcohol before your wedding. You may wish to discuss beforehand how much you are going to drink at the wedding reception and make a plan. I.e. Ask a friend to ensure you have non alcoholic drink every second drink. There have many who have woken up the next day to not remember any of their special day
  • Begin to dress two hours before the ceremony is to begin. Give yourself plenty of time so that the day unfolds smoothly and you get to enjoy every moment.
  • Arrive on time. (Be sure discuss with your celebrant and partner a ‘late entrance’ if you are planning one!)
  • Relax
  • ENJOY!

As part of establishing your wedding planner, remind yourselves why you are having this celebration. You might want to write at the top of the wedding planner, the qualities you want to ensure you embody as you work together. FUN, CONNECTION, JOY, COOPERATION, MUTUALITY, UNDERSTANDING

Your wedding is for you both to celebrate your love and friendship, and your marriage. Take time out to be together to discuss your wedding day, and also take time out to not discuss your wedding day. Both are important.

Wedding planner