Congratulations Sarah and Mike!

I was reflecting upon Sarah and Michael’s beautiful wedding this evening and recalling the moment they exchanged their vows. What a privilege it is to witness two people honestly and openly declaring what is important, what it is they love and appreciate about each other, and for them both to stand in the truth of that expression. I know it wasn’t easy for Mike as he is a very private person and yet, what a joy it was in its simplicity and freshness. Men and women alike, were crying as they spoke. It was an honour to witness their friendship, which has overcome some long term obstacles of distance and time apart due to work and their love and commitment to each other. As we all know, any close relationship takes time, takes awareness, takes willingness… and all of this they are happy to contribute to the wellbeing of their relationship and their two children. Thank you, Sarah and Mike, for sharing with us. Congratulations!

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