A Taste of Ongo

A Taste of Ongo: Everyday Nonviolence – the first three weeks of the program written by Catherine Cadden and Jesse Wiens Chu – outline foundational practices for speaking and listening with compassion, care and wisdom.

I am too much!

I am not enough!

I am alone.

I am scared of what is happening in the world…

Nothing I do is ever right for my family….

Nobody understands my grief….

Do any of these sound familiar? What we tell ourselves impacts our daily lives, no matter how subtle they are in our subconscious. Viktor Frankl wrote,

Between stimulus and response there is space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Let us abide together in that space. The space of freedom.

It is my hope this short program will reconnect and re-energise those who have completed the Ongo program and enable a review of some key practices and also, that it will introduce new people to Ongo.

Come and join us for this taste of how supportive this program and Ongo community are… with a possibility that from this gathering there will be a group who will continue on for the whole 12 weeks. (Totally optional!) This program is so beautifully crafted to support leaderful communities that I am excited for what is possible!

Immerse yourself in practices and community that bring joy, connection and understanding. Click here to register.


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