An Intimate Farewell for Russ

The ceremony for Russ opened with a beautiful piece of music he loved, a quiet track from the band, Bread, called, If.

I first met Russ nearly three years ago when, as a celebrant I supported his wife, Kerrie and her family to say farewell to her dad, John and then a year later, we farewelled her mum, Betty.

Now, I was by her side once again but this time to say farewell to her beloved husband, Russ.

In the quiet chapel, we created a small semi circle of chairs in front of his coffin. There were ten of us who shared music, stories, tears and some laughs. Together we wrote a beautiful life story and eulogy and even the grandchildren had their short love letters to their granddad read out.

I love playing golf with you grandad. I am sad I won’t get to play with you again. I hope you are peaceful in heaven.  

I am sad and I will miss you. Thank you for playing sports with me.

I closed the ceremony with the words of remembrance.

Russ will be remembered for his love and devotion… to his family. I named all the family members, and the dogs and cats also got a mention!

Russ got on with life, no matter what. He was resilient and resourceful. His beautiful handcrafted furniture are heirlooms that he poured his love and skill into are put to good use in your family’s homes. Russ liked to do things well…and done his way. He could be impatient at times but overall, he had an even character and often brought calm to your home.

Russ was a practical and frugal man who valued saving things and money; and he could be incredibly generous.  His credo was to always try hard and work hard. He was passionate about doing his best always and making the most out of life.

You will recall how many golf courses you visited, the way he would stand, both hands resting on his stomach and his head softly shaking.  You will miss his noisy sloppy smoochy sounds when someone kisses on tv, his sneezes that scared the life out of everyone especially Zoe; and him saying everyone’s name until he got to the right person. You will miss his cheeky smile.

Russ will be remembered as being affectionate, caring, reliable, funny, loving and supportive.

He has left a rich legacy.

May he rest in peace.


May your grief move gently through you.

May you continue to share your stories, your love and care.

Thank you for your presence here today and may peace be with you.

The family chose the following song to close the ceremony

Rhythm of the Rain—Cascades

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