Charles “Barry” Duncan

The Words of Remembrance

Let us give thanks for Barry’s life.

In his last days, Barry quietly said his time was up. He knew it wouldn’t be long and was accepting that this was his time to leave. Even though we know this is the natural way of things, Barry’s death is the end of a special era now that he is gone.

Barry’s body is to be cremated after this ceremony. Let us offer these words of remembrance and honour Barry’s legacy, and your gratitude for his beautiful life. If you are able, would you please be standing.

It is now time to say your farewell.

Barry was devoted to his wife, Brenda and to her children, Craig and Craig’s wife, Rebecca; and Deette and Deette’s husband, Sebastion. Barry adored his grandchildren, Laura and Riley, Nathan and Kate, Gemma and Tristan, Dominic and Cara. Jack and Sophie, Zahlia and Evie.

Barry loved his family.

You will remember Barry for being a gentle soul, a man of few words and a character that was rarely flustered. He had a special grin and a smile that was comforting; that made you want to smile back.

You’ll recall that Barry always had a form guide in hand and you knew not to ring on a Wednesday or Saturday as they were race days. 

You’ll remember Brenda and Barry’s loving companionship, their ease of being together and how much they cared for one another. They had a shared passion for rifle shooting and caring for their treasured orchids. They worked and travelled well together and they dearly loved each other.

You will miss Barry’s easy way of saying, ‘Hello, love. You look lovely today. Lovely to see you. Give me a kiss…’

May your hearts continue to be uplifted by your memories of Barry. May you be inspired by his capacity to live and love simply… and to be kind. Barry will be remembered as a gentleman.

May he now rest in peace.

Closing Song? … I Love to Have a Beer with Duncan!


Here is a link to the ceremony recording.

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