Remembering Julie Larsen

Dux of the Class

In high school, Julie excelled and was the Dux of her class. She became a school teacher and taught for quite a few decades. All of her five children were in her class at some point in their schooling. Naturally, she had written many student reports during that time. Her daughters laughed saying, when she retired, she had even written up a few reports on her grandchildren’s visits. This story inspired me to write, as part of the words of remembrance, Julie’s report card.

“For many years, with Julie’s ill-health you have, at times, already grieved the loss of who Julie once was. However, may you always remember she was 33… and, to the end, a woman of strength and stoicism.

Julie will be remembered for her selfless giving to family, friends and the community. May you smile when you recall her singing, King of the Road, in the bath tub or playing the ukulele and singing her heart out or reciting poetry; and sharing her sense of humour and big smile. May you laugh when you need to use the FHB code… family hold back; and take comfort in all she gave throughout her life. Julie will be remembered for her devotion to many school children, her own children and her grandchildren… and for writing reports for more than a few of them. 

Julie’s report card may have read something like:  Julie was organised, resourceful, resilient and loved to have a sense of purpose. She was kind and caring and has held with love, and a firm hand, her life and family together, no matter what. Julie was creative, willing to engage and could be very funny. We wish for her…the very best.


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